“I AM”

I am small JPGOver the last three years I have enjoyed many different facets of my photography. Almost from the very first time I picked up a camera though, I knew I wanted to use my photography to tell stories. Stories so profound for us, that we can imagine ourselves repeating them over and over to our grandchildren because they were significant enough to change our life’s path and/or alter our soul’s journey.

Some stories are comedic, some are spiritual, some are inspirational,  some are tragic, but to each one of us, they are the stories that altered our current state of thought, changed who we were and who we were yet to be. From Folktales to Folkart. I wanted to preserve these stories by creating heirloom pieces of art. By listening to the storyteller, learning how to quiet my soul and following my intuition, I try to let each story lead me where it should, allowing me to create its own original piece of art visually revealing the entire story in one image.

“I AM” is a piece I created by blending multiple photographs to tell the story of a dream where the dreamer met her guardian angel. In her dream, she was walking through a field toward a beautiful woman standing under a tree. She realized A Great Pyrenees dog was following behind her as she walked. When she finally found herself standing in front of the woman, the dreamer instincitvely asked, “Are you my guardian angel?” The woman verbally tried to answer her question but her words sounded garbled as though there was a barrier between them. Apparently, knowing that the dreamer had once been a sign language interpreter, the angel smiled and signed to the dreamer – “I Am” so she could understand.  This was the moment that the dreamer realized she had just met her guardian angel for the first time. It is a story she wants future generations to know as a reminder that we are never alone. She wants her children and grandchildren to know how she met her guardian angel.  Each image in this piece is symbolic of her meeting with her angel as described to me. Both the story and the symbolism is written and added to the back of the piece once framed.

I am having so much fun traveling this path and look forward to where this path will take me and the many stories I feel honored to have shared with me.

Thanks for following me on MY Journey and being a part of MY story-

Here’s to “Shuttering” with Happiness!



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