The Christmas Elk

While Visiting our children in Colorado for Christmas, we all decided to take a drive through the City of Estes (which is at the base of the Rocky Mountain National Park) when we found ourselves looking face to face with this fellow! Our first thought was, “Oh My, Poor boy, is he going to be okay?”

Ok, Ok, That’s a total fabrication…. that was not the first thing that went through our minds at all! ย Our first thought was to grab our cameras while trying to calm our excitement in hopes that the Elk wouldn’t take off running before we could capture an image!

We quietly got out of the car, SLOWLY moved as close as we thought still safe and “Click”- Took our shots!! Then, it was time to do what we needed to do. We called the DNR and explained this guy’s present situation. We were assured that as long as it didn’t get in his way of eating, the lights would fall off after his antlers fell off in the spring. Apparently they see this from time to time as the elk wander into people yards looking for food during the Holiday Season.

Enjoy the Capture and although Christmas has passed, May the Spirit of Christmas be felt throughout your year!

Here’s to “Shuttering” with Happiness!




  1. I’ve been to Estes Park many times and seen the elk laying on the grass right in town … but have never seen one all “adorned” like this one! Winter trip?? Maybe ….. Carole C.

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  2. Oh my gosh! Crazy. You can sell this easily! This reminds me of the Moose that oucked a fight with a swing set.

    Happy New Year, beautiful!

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