Her Story:

I visited with her three times a week. She was 94 years old and only 88 pounds.

She would laugh when she told me that when she was bathed, she would float to the top of the water which made it difficult for the aids to get her washed up! She quit smoking at the young age of 92 only because she didn’t have the strength to roll the ball on a lighter and when she tried to light her cigarette with a match, the match flew out of her hand and she caught her living room carpet on fire. She had lost one son in WWII and spent most of her life eating “Aydes” (a candy Diet Pill) so she could stay thin maintaining she was a “knock out” in her day.

She despised the food at the facility she was living at and when I asked if I could bring her something that she enjoyed eating, her eyes lit up when she asked for a famous “Corner bar hotdog” (of course she chuckled when she asked if I could bring a beer with that!) When I showed up the next day at lunch, toting a paper sack, she knew she didn’t have to sit at the table with all the other “old” people eating mashed peas and potatoes. Today, she would enjoy a trip down memory lane as she would savor the smells and taste of her meal bringing her back to the memories of dinners spent with her husband at the Corner Bar when she was still young, in love and could enjoy a cold brew at the end of a long day. Amazingly that day, She managed to eat the whole hot dog.

On one of my visits, she laid in bed too weak to get up. I held her hand as she wept. It was then, in her pain and exhaustion of living she whispered to me, ” I just want my mama”. I began to cry with her. Even at 94 years old, at a time of life she grew weary of being afraid of, she just wanted her mama. The depth of love between a mother & Child can never be measured here on earth and it is a reunion I deeply wish I could have seen……


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