juncture-13-x-19-printAfter meeting and Enjoying lunch with a fellow photog friend, we decided to grab our gear and play around at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids for a couple of hours just to practice some angles and settings with some architectural subject manner due to dreary winter weather we have been experiencing here in Michigan. For those of you that are not familiar with the Amway Grand click here to read about the history of this fabulous hotel.

As usual, it wasn’t long before I found myself becoming sidetracked watching the numerous people strolling in and out of meeting rooms, gathering with relatives, shopping with their spouses or just enjoying a plate of food with another fellow human being. As I stood quietly watching my friend compose a shot, I could see this young man in a darkened corner of the hallway engrossed with his phone and in his own world.

I loved the scene from the moment I saw it… The irony of the antique telephone signaling a time past and a young man who happened to be dressed in a style that is timeless ( not to mention his beautiful yet coiffed curly hair) with a cell phone in his hand.

A simple Black and White was the only way to go for me with this image- modern yet timeless- no vintage or distressed looks.

This one has made its way to print and on MY Wall. It printed beautifully.

Although most people know me for my landscapes (and appears that’s what they like on FB as most of my street photography gets very few likes)- it is this type of photography that entangles itself around my soul’s passion for the medium ( and let’s be honest- my photography is all about me, not anyone else). I prefer to keep it that way.

Here’s to “Shuttering” with Happiness!


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