Light Pillars

The weekend for me signals a spree of Driving around with my hubby to “see what we can see” with our “Camera Eyes” as we like to call it. This weekend was no exception.

After spending the afternoon at the Home show at the DeVos Center  where my husband represents General Housing as a contractor, we headed to dinner at one of my favorite places to eat in Grand Rapids. The Green Well. We decided we would take some time to get dinner while waiting for the darkness to engulf our beautiful city. I consumed my Tomato Basil soup which came with a “cracker” that although not intentional, was the perfect shape of a spoon (It is the little things in life that thrill me! ). John and I  knew the evening was supposed to be bone chilling cold and could potentially offer light pillars flooding the night sky. After dinner, we chatted about how to catch the phenomenon. Capturing Light Pillars is something we have been wanting to do for a year now. Although  We knew we would be limited by not only WHERE the light pillars would form & Finding a great foreground to capture them, but also wether or not the pillars would be visible long enough for us to set up and get some great shots!

It wasn’t until around 10 PM that light pillars began shooting upward into the sky randomly  around the city.  After driving through the industrial area of the city searching for a place to set up- we could see LARGE pillars forming in the air to the East of us. We jumped back into the jeep and followed the light! We finally struck gold (and blue :)) in Comstock Park where the pillars were AMAZING! We made our way to the bridge on Grand River Drive and were able to capture these shots around midnight. By Jeep Standards it was 10 degrees out and ice crystals filled the air! We were thrilled and had a ton of fun with the pursuit of capturing them. You can learn more about Light Pillars by following this link. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and Happy New Year!

Here’s to “Shuttering” with Happiness!


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