In just a few short weeks, My daughter will soon be a Mom, I will become a grandmother, My husband a Grandpa, Our oldest Daughter an Aunt and the change of “titles” go deeper with each member of the family as we all await the much anticipated arrival of Declan John Isch.

 I took this picture of our daughter during Christmas when we were visiting a candy store in Estes Park, Colorado. Our daughter’s love of candy and anything sweet goes WAaaaayyyy Back to when she was just a little Head (Family joke). We are very excited as each day passes and we get close to the birth of our first grandson.

Interesting fact: Our daughter’s husband’s side of the family has not had a girl in the family for  125 years!!!! It made it pretty easy to guess that our first grand baby would be a boy 🙂 Soon, my blog will be filled with little toes and soft furry blankets. Until then, I will enjoy seeing MY baby girl (She still looks so young even though she is 26!) as she will always be to me –  – soon though – to be a mother herself…..Lord, Life moves soooo quickly!

Here’s to “Shuttering” with Happiness!


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