Time to be Outside – Not in Front of a Computer!

Well, I have not kept up with my blog as well as I had imagined I would! I find that life, work & Family come first and the blog has taken a back seat to my priorities. Writing is so much more fun when you are trapped inside during the winter months but once the weather warms up, the last place I want to be is in front of my computer!

Although the Blog has taken a back seat, my photography has not. I have been trying to hone my skills in all sorts of different settings but most love getting photos of people no matter where I am. The feature image is of a congolese gentleman I met at Rays of Hope International here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was there with his family getting equipment for a new hospital they were setting up in the Congo. He only spoke French so I had his daughter ask him if I could take his picture. He chuckled but seemed pleased I was interested in taking his picture.  He had such a sweet demeanor. Still an akward feeling for me to take pictures of strangers without their permission but I am working on it as I really love the purity of street photography.

It was my birthday this month and I was so excited when my husband surprised me by presenting me with a new Canon L series 24-70mm lens! He also bought himself one of course and told me it was his father’s day gift. He doesn’t want to have inferior equipment and makes sure we both have the exact same lens. My hubby and I are best friends and have never had a competitive bone in our bodies when it came to anything the other does. That is NOT the case now! We are VERY competitive with each other when it comes to our photography abilities. We try to see who gets the “best” picture at the end of a day of shooting (as judged by ourselves with no criteria in particular).  Although I haven’t technically kept score, I think we are close to being tied (or at least I let him think so)!!


Waiting on the Wind


Fence Line


Follow me


Lady, You are awful close!

I will try and keep up with the blog and share some pictures as time allows. This summer is already packed full of obligations, parties, graduations and trips so we will see how it goes. I will however enjoy this summer through the eye of my lens! Hope you do the same!

Here’s to Shuttering with Happiness!



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